Poor daddy

Anthony made lunch for us today. He seemed to be seething with grumpy after Jesse refused to come to the table. Nick and I were enjoying our delicious repast. I leaned in to whisper secrets with Nick.

“Nick, daddy seems grumpy. What can we do to cheer him up?”

Nick got a sly smile on his face. He hissed loudly at me in a conspiratorial stage whisper. “Yell at him!”

“Okay. Let’s do that.”

We did. Daddy did not smile.

“It didn’t work, Nick. What else could we do?”

“Poop on him?” This made Nick and me snicker. Anthony glared.

“Nooo, I don’t think that’ll work either, little buddy.”

“Give him hugs and kisses?”

“Yes! That will definitely cheer him up.”

“Okay mommy,” Nick replied, suddenly bored. “You do that part then.”

Four-year-old boy love.

Daddy still grumpy. Maybe he’ll feel better if the Tigers win today.

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