grumpy about the stupid URL

I don’t understand the internet and blogging. I haven’t bothered to work it out. But I did manage to purchase a URL from WordPress when I started this aimless blog. I hate URLs because the words get all bunched together, just like hashtags. I hate hashtags. Words aren’t supposed to be mooshed together.

But I bought the “grumpy for no reason” URL for twenty bucks. Because it’s my brand, maaaan. But after a few months I realized that when I entered my web address in that line at the top of my browser window, the ghost in the machine couldn’t find my website. It was like the address didn’t actually exist. Well that sucks, WordPress, what are you doing wrong here? Helloooo.

And anyway, “” just looks so funny and stupid. It’s all mooshy and makes no sense. So I did nothing about it. I had laundry to do.

One year and two months later, late last night, I suddenly noticed something. The domain I purchased is “”

Aaaaw come ON. With all the words mooshed together how was I supposed to spot the extra R?? Damn you, user error, damn you!!

I tried to rectify this dismal situation this morning. But someone somewhere already owns the URL “” Why? Why? There’s no website to visit. Whoever did it probably just wanted to give me a shitty day. I hate people. Maybe the URL was already taken when I started this blog 14 months ago. Who knows.

But I’m a problem solver. I’m a solution maker. I get things done. I’m can do. I think outside the box. I live in an emotional box, built by the excruciating and constant needs of my kids, but I think outside the box.

The first time I heard the phrase think-outside-the-box  —

NO! Shut up Carla, stop blathering NOW. I have a better idea. I’ll enter the URL “” Let’s see what happens.

WHOA! It took me to a different site,, which consists entirely of a blank white page with these words in the middle:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.12.42 PM

I am very suspicious indeed. Maybe futurespark stole my URL, or maybe something bad is happening to my computer now. I’ll just close that window.

So this morning I bought myself a proper URL. grumpyfornoreason isn’t available (anymore?), nor is (I can apparently buy that from some unidentified entity for any value greater than $10,000). Why can’t I just do “grumpy for no reason” with proper spacing? Why hasn’t anyone updated the modern keyboard to include an invisible character? Split the space bar in half. Left half, old-fashioned space; right half, invisible character. Label it “INV.” If we can make emoticons and hand signals and other shit appear with a keystroke, why not an invisible character? Then you’d be able to have a proper URL that peeps can read.

Anyway, here’s GFNR’s new web address (though you can still also find me at the misspelled site): “” It feels a little emphatic, but maybe that works for me. When tech geeks finally establish a proper invisible character, I’ll fix it.

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