grumpy about the construction project (stairs are done)

Anthony and I have officially finished the stairs. I put down two coats of polyurethane yesterday. Today I did a little finish sanding to smooth the surface, and then I put down the third coat. It turned out pretty good. I didn’t sand very carefully, because we want the stairs not to be as slick as the pro job. The kids keep running into the future new kitchen and biting the dust, their feet flying out from under them — much to their shock and my entertainment. I don’t want that to happen on the stairs.

Here’s what the stairs look like right now (a little blurry of course. I’ve had issues with my iPhone camera for a few months.)


And now I step back a couple feet and to the right, so you can sneak a look up the stairs. I can’t take any pics of the hallway upstairs right now, because that would ruin the wet finish I just put down, duh.


So instead I’ll back up a few more paces to the right. Aw shit. Now you can see the mess of sanding and staining gear at the bottom of the stairs. I wonder when I’ll get around to cleaning that up.


Maybe I’ll back up a few more paces into the living room so I can take a pic where you don’t see that mess anymore.

Shit shit shit.

Now you can see even more mess, and the as-yet-unfinished entryway into future kitchen, and the bits of patched drywall, and the vanity that needs to get upstairs to the future parents’ bathroom.


Maybe I can back up a few more paces, even further into the living room, and get a more picturesque look at everything.

Shit shit shittedy shit.


Totally wretched mess of crap – the tile that hasn’t been laid yet, the ugly light fixture that hasn’t been replaced yet, the boxes of uninstalled light fixtures. Maybe if I turn to my left.



Wretched, wretched mess of random furniture and junk, all pulled away from the walls because we were patching the holes from insulation, several weeks ago, and never got around to moving everything back. I wonder what used to be in that red bowl on the sofa, and how long ago?

My iPhone has it right. Everything is really blurry around here.

But at least the stairs are done.

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