The pith of my children

Anthony: “So Jesse, you should pick one thing to make your life fun, like one thing that’s special that you want to do, and that’s what you can do this semester. Like art or painting, or something like that. What special thing do you want to do?”

Jesse, waving her hands excitedly  in the air, with a slightly maniacal expression on her face and an earnest twinkle in her eye: “Make a dragon out of DNA!”

Tae kwon do it is. 

 * * * * *

Anthony and Nick are bantering about a huge sneeze out of Nick, which left junk all over Anthony. 

Nick: “I am just getting even.”

Anthony: “For what??”

Nick: “Something you did a long time ago, maybe.”

Anthony threatens to sneeze on Nick then. 

Me: “Be careful, Nick. Remember that Daddy is an escalator.”

Nick: “Oh! Then he is like Donald Trump!” 

 * * * * *

My spawn. Awesome.