Road trip

We’re driving to Cornucopia, WI as I type (LOVE that I can do this with my thumbs on my phone) to visit our dear friend Kevin who lives on Lake Superior. What a great way to celebrate the end of Anthony’s teaching semester. it’s a beautiful morning outside, snowing but not so much that we have to cancel. It feels very holiday.

Kevin’s a monk-style bachelor so we have to bring all the food we’re going to eat. Unfortunately, we have to bring the kids too.

In order to facilitate the morning packing, we let the kids watch TV. They watched several episodes of Kung Fu Panda Legends (AWESOMENESS). It’s always a mistake to let my kids watch TV, ever, but it’s especially a mistake in the mornings. It does something to their personalities, like what the Bad People’s experiments in Firefly did to the Reavers.

You want to be in this car with me right now. 7 hours to go.