Grumpy about laundry

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day for my in-laws, but for me it’s simply the day I face a bitter truth: I haven’t done laundry for at least a week because I’ve been busy pretending I’m Santa. We’re still okay because my kids each have at least 25 pairs of underwear, which I hope to teach them should never, ever be recycled out of the dirty laundry. But I need to bear down.

Last week Anthony showed me an ad. Costco sells emergency food supplies. I didn’t know! I can buy an Emergency Cube that provides a year of total nutrition for 4 people. 30,144 total servings of delicious freeze-dried food — brownies too — for less than 4000 dollars ($3,999.99 in case you’re wondering). Just add water.


But then, not really. I do believe if I ever needed that Emergency Cube, I’d be facing a pretty grim reality that not even mouth-watering rehydrated brownies could fix, assuming I could find a water supply that’s not poisoned or radioactive. What WOULD make me reach for my debit card today is an emergency cube containing a 365-day supply of freeze-dried clothing, total coverage for all seasons and extra kids’ underwear for their messy days. Until Costco decides to sell a useful bulk product like that, I guess I’m stuck doing laundry. I better get started. Happy Boxing Day!