Day 5 solo parenting-off to a good start

Anthony is supposed to arrive home this afternoon. I’m pessimistically optimistic about that happening, because I’m seeing flight cancellations all over the country. It’s becoming a parenting emergency. We were only awake an hour before I screamed at the kids because they harassed me and each other while I was on the phone for 5 minutes with Anthony. It’s not like I’m on the phone all day. Still, I was over-reacting badly.

They ran upstairs in a flash. I calmed myself by starting to color a Hidden Transformation picture, another gift from Santa. This one is a peacock and also a school of fish becoming birds becoming flowers. I found a butterfly too. When I was calmer, I pouted in the basement a bit and then went upstairs. I found my babies huddled up together under the covers on Jesse’s bed, watching Care Bears on the iPad mini. I stuck my head under the sheets and muttered “sorry for yelling at you.” Jesse gave me a stern look and announced firmly, “we are hiding from you.” Nick ignored me.

Good choice, because it looks like Exorcist Mama is back in town. I better start having fun with the kids before my head starts spinning on my neck again.

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