Grumpy about the vacation: time to camp

We’re now in the first camping interlude of our vacation. We’re at the Assateague Island National Seashore. We drove from Big Grandma’s home and arrived in the early afternoon. It was scorching hot in the campgrounds. We pitched the tent, Nick got sunburned, Jesse had a tantrum, and we all got dehydrated. We went to the beach. It’s the kids’ first ocean experience. We warned them that it might first seem like Lake Michigan or Superior, but it’s not. Salt. Real waves. More tow. They came over the rise of the dunes and first remarked on how dark the water is. They got down to the water and exploded in excitement over the water’s energy. Nick spent an hour attacking the waves with imaginary weapons and declaring them vanquished whenever they failed to reach him. Jesse watched the surfers in jealous awe and made daddy take her into the rather tough, tow-bedeviled surf. It was great.

We got back to camp in the evening. It was cooler but rain threatened. We managed to get a fast dinner (hot dogs and a salad) and quick showers before the rain came. We all jumped in the tent and got snippy with each other as we tried to set the tent innards straight. Then there was a massive thunderstorm and a ton of rain. Jesse freaked out a bit but now everyone’s asleep. It’s still raining. The tent is sweltering hot because we had to close the fly for the rain. I can smell my feet. I have to pee. I don’t think there are enough Kegels in me to get me through the next 8 hours. Inside the tent is a desperate need to pee. Outside is rain and bugs. Lots of biting bugs.

I love camping.

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