grumpy about the construction project (whatever the weather)

Not even the thunderstorms of the past few days can stop Kurber Construction from doing its thing. Our house took a pounding in rain, but somehow none of it came in the house despite a variety of little holes, and these fellows just keep on working.

Here they are, hard at work.

Eric, enjoying fresh delicately sliced fruits.


Dan, chilling in his head band. Duuuuude.


Talon, chilling on his lunch cooler. Double duuuude.


Kristi, our designer, relaxing with them all.


You would think I could get these peeps some chairs. I might do that today. Regardless, they know how to settle down for a slouchy lunch to recover their energy for the afternoon’s labors. That’s a skill set I need to develop.

One morning I came out of the house with the kids and saw someone on the roof. I knew it couldn’t be Topol, ya ba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum, because there was no fiddle. It was Erick, having a pleasant conversation on his phone. On the roof, because… why not?


They work steadily and carefully. Here, I think they’re framing up headers for the second story floor. I’m sure they were happy that I was standing under them snapping these pictures. Very safe, exactly the type of distraction that tests their focus and mettle. It’s what I’m here for.


There it is. Floor joists are in.


And at the end of every day they clean up after themselves.IMG_9582

I really didn’t think construction crews did that. But this trio does. KURBER CONSTRUCTION, in case you’re wondering, right here in Wisconsin. Good stuff. Nothing to be grumpy about.

But the day is very young, and I have to spend the rest of it with two little kids and a dog who are still completely flipped out about this whole project. I’ll find my way back to grumpy soon enough.

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