Grumpy about the holidays – day 11 (small things)

Nick walked out of school yesterday beaming with pride. A smile ear to ear, I tell you, and carrying a piece of paper.

What could it be?? I wondered. What amazing feat had he accomplished? Did he write his name correctly? Write some numbers and letters? Spell something? Add two and two? Make a pattern?


Pregnant moment of silence.

WooHOOOOOOO. YEAH! Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance. Fist pumps while spinny-jumping. Marching around the room while bellowing the theme from Star Trek Next Generation.

At five, Nick is firmly establishing that he has verrrry strong mechanical skills. Next stop, MIT.

This is just, so, awesome. It’s why we send our little ones to school. It validates all my hard work as a parent. It’s all I want for Christmas.