grumpy about the holidays – day 18 (more boxes!)

UPS delivered a big set of boxes today. It was the full trap set and a bass and amp, which is our big gift to the kids this year. Unfortunately, when the UPS guys rang the kitchen door bell and ran off, the kids were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch. I thought for sure the secret would be out.

Thank goodness for kids who were (a) sick, and (b) lobotomized by the stupid cartoon show they were watching on an iPad. Nick has discovered Transformers Beasthunters. It suuuuuucks. Normally I wouldn’t let him watch it anymore, but hey, it’s the holidays. Anyway, thanks to T.B., this is what I observed from the kitchen door.

They didn’t even bother to turn around. The stairs to the basement are right at the kitchen entrance, so I thought I’d try to sneak down the boxes right away instead of hiding them in the ice cold garage. The two boxes containing the drum set were at least 40 pounds each, and almost too big for my 5th percentile wing span. They were hard to fit through the door, and I made a racket. There was also a box almost as tall as me (I assume that’s the bass) and a small box for the amp.

The kids never looked once. As far as I can tell, they have no idea what I dragged down the stairs. I’ve secreted everything in plain view.


I think it’ll work, unless they inspect closely and see this little picture peaking out:


But I’m hoping they’ll mistake the whole thing for one of my bulk orders of furnace filters, and just ignore it for six more days.