grumpy about the holidays – day 24

[Jesse is hovering. I’ve announced she is guest blogging today. She talks. I type:]

Uhhhh, giggle giggle, stooop.

[Okay. She’s gone. That worked like a charm.]

[Oh. She’s back.]

I don’t know how to blog. (more noises) Mommy? Uuuuh oooooh. I’m thinking about how many presents I’ll open. And, let me see… and hoping that Santa does not cut my dog’s snout that close, and I think he will still do that. And I’m imagining Nick screaming about the giant Darth Vader Pez dispenser [that she got him]. Or crying. For joy.

[What are you feeling?]

I feel very excited, but I’m trying to calm myself down by writing.

[In fact, just today, Jesse wrote this “introduction” to her journal of prose and poetry, which she intends to publish someday:]

“Hi! I was a girl that was very uncalm and a little obnoxious, so I tried to write to calm my life down and to help me be more nice. I found out that writing calms me down when I’m angry and sad. I gave a try to write poems and paragraphs when I was about nine. I was much more happy and nice once I started writing. I suppose I found a place inside my heart that I love to write and draw. Before that I was a tense and angry girl that had horrible days at school when I was little. I asked to have a brother and some pets to help me. They helped me for sure but only a little. That was when I figured it out. Now I’m a happy and nice girl. I loved what I was doing, so I decided to make a book. Now I’m delighting my family very well. If you didn’t hear my name it’s Jesse.”

I feel very active writing. I like the workout of my fingers when they type. I just love to type.

* * * * *

Whew. She’s gone. I have guests coming. I have 4000 more Legos pieces to affix into Star Wars shapes. I gotta go.